VTC Engineer
Active Date:
Ft Gordon (G6 ITS), GA
Security Clearance:
Top-Secret SCI

Job Description:

LNO Inc. is seeking a highly qualified VTC Engineer to support our team at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia.

The selected candidate will be responsible for carrying out the following duties:

·       Have at least three (3) year of experience in VTC setup and configuration and VTC Engineer experience

·       Have at least three (3) years of VTC Engineering experience

·       Have knowledge of cloud and virtualization

·       Possess at least five (5) years of experience in IT desktop support, IT Service Desk support

·       Certification Requirement

o    This position is designated as Information Assurance Workforce (IAWF) Information Assurance Technical Level II (IAT II). See section, Cybersecurity/Information Technology (IT) Certification, in this PWS for detailed Army and DoD guidance and requirements. The following are required at work performance start date and must be maintained throughout the life of the contract:

o    Baseline certification: IAT II

o    Computing Environment (CE): must be current platform (or higher) IAW Army guidance (i.e migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, Server 2008 to 2012, etc.). Currently: Crestron Certified Programmer

o    Receive IA appointment orders from Chain of Command

o    Be monitored in the Army Training and Certification Tracking System (ATCTS).

o    Successfully complete Information Assurance Fundamentals on line course and exam at: https://cs.signal.army.mil.

o    Complete Privileged Level Access Agreement (PLAA) annually.



o    This Personnel Security Standard for this position is IT-I (Personnel in IA positions with privileged-level access to control, manage, or configure IA tools or devices, individual and networked IS and devices, and enclaves).

o    Must possess an in-depth knowledge of installation, operation, scheduling and support of desktop and conference room VTC systems in a secure government or military environment including ISDN, Inverse Multiplexers, CODECs and H.320/H.323 protocols.

o    Must possess a working knowledge of AV concepts such as acoustics, lighting, aspect ratios, font size versus distance, scan rates, video standards and transmission systems.

o    Must possess a working knowledge of TEMPEST standards and IA concerns for multi-classification multimedia systems.

o    Strong verbal and written communication skills experience are important.

o    Proficiency with Microsoft Windows and Office products

o    Must possess the ability to read and understand system technical drawings.

o    Experience with Tandberg/Cisco systems installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

o    Expertise with AMX Control system installation.

o    Ability to install control system hardware and download control system source Code.

o    Ability to troubleshoot existing source code.

o    Expertise with Audio Digital Signal Processing Equipment

o    Ability to download, troubleshoot, and create DSP configurations.

o    Ability to STIG VTCs

o    Project management skills to ensure that new installations or network upgrades do not disrupt normal work. Proven success with strategic planning, process re-engineering and project management

**This position is contingent upon contract award**

Requirements & Duties:

**This position is contingent upon contract award**

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