LNO Principles

Core Principles

LNO, Inc. prides itself on a set of core beliefs and principles that define how we operate our business and support our customers. We adhere to and act in accordance with these values and beliefs:

Customer Focus »
We are committed to aligning ourselves with our internal and external customers' objectives and working toward ensuring their success.

Integrity and Trust »
We are committed to conducting all of our business honestly, with adherence to the highest ethical standards. We are direct, maintain confidences, meet commitments and accept responsibility for personal actions.

Responsibility and Accountability »
We accept responsibility for our work and hold ourselves accountable for producing desired outcomes in a timely and professional manner.

Teamwork »
We value and utilize others' abilities in an ongoing process of learning, relationship building, finding common ground and working collaboratively to achieve common goals. We recognize and appreciate both our self-reliance and our interdependence.

Respect for the Individual »
We value and respect the unique combination of skills, abilities, aspirations and back-grounds of every individual. We act courteously, listen with intent to understand and treat others as we want to be treated.

Merit »
We base decisions on objective criteria designed to achieve the best results for the company, its customers, employees, and owners. We support equal and fair treatment for all. We demonstrate consistency of treatment towards individuals at all levels of the organization.

Competence and Learning »
We will perform at the highest level of competence and professionalism, and will prepare ourselves for the future by enhancing our skills, knowledge, and abilities through an on-going learning process. We are committed to creating a learning environment leading to ongoing personal, interpersonal and professional development and efficient and effective work processes. We value curiosity, eagerness to learn, and willingness to seek input and feedback.

Fiscal Responsibility »
We strive to keep the company financially viable while increasing its long term value.

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